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Work on discipline if games are a problem

Those who play games like WoW should ask themselves if they really enjoy the gameplay or are just using it as a glorified chatroom. If the latter is the case then I would agree that priorities need to be revised but if its not I dont see a problem.

Games as entertainment are no worse than movies, music, books or any number of activities that dont require physical exertion. Sure there might be a case to be made for more social forms of activity but in alot of circles that entails alot of getting drunk, some vomiting, the occasional fistfight, splitting headaches and missing school/work. When that is the alternative its hard to blame someone for choosing to spend their evening with a videogame.

Of course its important that entertainment doesnt get in the way of crucial activities like basic excercise and contact with family. But I would see that more as the individual having discipline problems than a problem with a specific form of entertainment. Crime and punishment usually works quite well. Overslept on a free day? Dont even turn on your computer untill you finished every household chore that needs doing. Realise you spent all day gaming? Go out running/jogging untill your legs start bleeding.

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